The number one priority is keeping employees, customers, and our communities safe. In the face of unprecedented disruption ​you may be finding it challenging to maintain business as usual. RetroFit can help.

What RetroFit is doing to support our customers by ensuring our business continuity

  • Seamlessly transitioned to a remote workplace. All employees that can work from home are encouraged to work remotely
  • Protective Measures- To ensure the safety of both our staff and clients, we have instituted the following for those that maybe called out for emergency onsite visits
    • Daily Health Check Policy- They must document their health status including temperature three times daily.
    • Must carry with them hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and medical grade gloves

How RetroFit can help?

  • Setting up VPN Access - Ensure Staff has Remote Access on their Laptops and Desktops.
  • Remote Desktop Access via a web based browser for teachers and admins to connect to devices in the district from home.
  • Emergency Onsite Engineering
  • Phishing attacks linked to the Coronavirus are on the rise. RetroFit has an enhanced suite of security tools and training that can help reduce your risk.

Here are some suggestions to protect your organization and employees:

  • Do not click on a link embedded in an email even if appears to be from a legitimate site, a person you know, a friend, or family member. Assume that all of these are phishing or breach attempts.
  • Don’t open attachments, unless you are expecting them from a known source. Be especially wary of Zip files and .exe files
  • View COVID-19 information EXCLUSIVELY from reputable web sites, e.g. Centers For Disease Control, Internal Revenue Service, State’s State Department of Labor.
  • Never reply to a site that requests either personal financial information (e.g. your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number) or payment that appears to be from a State or Federal Agency. The Federal and State Agencies will NEVER request information or payments for any reason via email

Five tips to Streamline Bandwidth at home:


Do not stream music/tv/movies while working


Limit the number of connected devices


If possible connect via cable and not WiFi


IClose programs not in-use on both systems


If you haven’t rebooted your router in a while reboot your router

Customer Communications

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