RetroFit’s COVID-19 Response Updated

The number one priority is keeping employees, customers, and our communities safe. In the face of this unprecidented disruption ​you may be finding it challenging to maintain business as usual. RetroFit can help.

RetroFit continues to smoothly operate our business within the safety guidelines suggested by the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have put in place strict safety measures that now allow us to:

  • Resume onsite visits with our clients
  • Resume in office visits from clients and partners

We have instituted the following protocols and safety standards:

  • Daily HealthChecks For all Staff. Our Staff must pass the daily HealthCheck in order to return to the office or to work remotely at a client site. – go to to learn more about how the HealthCheck platform could help your staff safely move forward into Phase 2, 3 and beyond.
  • Daily COVID-19 Visitor Readiness Checks – in order to keep our staff safe we instituted a mutual health tracking for customers and partners when onsite together.
  • PPE – All employees have been provided and are mandated to wear PPE when in either the office or at a remote work site. They are provided with masks, hand sanitizer and health monitoring services.

Five tips to Streamline Bandwidth at home:

  1. Do not stream music/tv/movies while working
  2. Limit the number of connected devices
  3. If possible connect via cable and not WiFi
  4. Close programs not in-use on both systems
  5. If you haven’t rebooted your router in a while reboot your router