We signed with RetroFit in July of 2009, and the service was completely operational by the end of August 2009. The staff at the RetroFit Support Desk was very professional during the whole process. I was always informed of what was going to be done, when it was to be done, and if I was going to have to reboot anything. I have over 100 systems that access the servers simultaneously, and coordinating a reboot can be hairy at times, RetroFit’s staff always gave us plenty of notice. Their BDR has by far saved us many potential headaches, and has been worth every penny. If you have ever experienced data loss you can begin to appreciate the importance of having redundancy built-in into information systems. For us the BDR has truly given us peace of mind. And for me, the expertise and professionalism RetroFit puts behind the BDR system, makes it much better.

Walpole Outdoors

Manufacturing Company