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Every month, an estimated 68,000 computers are infected with ransomware. Once an obscure problem of IT folklore, now it’s the most dangerous cyber threat to businesses nationwide. Download our free whitepaper today and discover how to arm your business now! You’ll learn:

What not to click on

For a PC, Mac, Android device or other machine to become infected, a user must download or run some sort of file. Learn which files to avoid, so you can educate your staff and prevent accidental infection.

Are you infected now?

You may not even know it, but your computer could be infected with ransomware right now! If it is, you may only have a certain amount of time before the damage gets worse or the ransom goes up. Learn how to determine if you’re infected.

Steps to take when infected

When infected with ransomware, you have options. Discover the different steps you can take if your business is sabotaged by this lethal cyber threat. We even include a step-by-step checklist to simplify your recovery options.

How to prevent future attacks

Secure your business’s future while avoiding an expensive data breach. Learn what you can do to protect your company from ransomware today. RetroFit Technologies has the security solutions and consultation that can help.

Every minute your business isn’t functioning because of ransomware, you lose money in the form of lost productivity and a potentially higher ransom payment. It only takes one infected machine to take down an entire company. Don’t let the stress of ransomware destroy your peace of mind. Get educated and get protected with RetroFit Technologies today. Sign up for FREE now to learn how.

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