Some Awards Just Mean More

RetroFit Technologies is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized by the official Operational Services Division magazine Buy The Way as one of the highest-rated vendors under Massachusetts procurement contract ITC73 for Hardware and Services.

Buyers will rate vendors on customer service, pricing and value, quality, and timeliness using one to five stars as a rating scale; with five stars being the highest rating. Those reviews get collected and shared by procurement officials in public purchasing organizations across the United States.

The number of contracts available for reviews in Massachusetts has grown to 62. Since the Supplier Diversity Program launch, buyers across the State have completed 3,432 reviews of 471 individual vendors. 894 independent review writers provided their reviews across 297 agencies and municipal governments.

The Operational Services Division announced that RetroFit Technologies is rated as one of the TOP THREE vendors on The Commonwealths IT Hardware and Services Contract ITC73. Our average score was 4.6 / 5, beating out extremely tough competition both locally and nationally.

For any company to be recognized and mentioned in the official publication of the Operational Services Division magazine is truly an honor. Furthermore, to be selected as one of the highest-rated vendors only proves our continued commitment to the community and the great State of Massachusetts!

Proud? You bet.