Schools are facing a monumental technology problem

These are challenging times for K-12 schools. Budgets continue to shrink nearly every year, yet there is increasing pressure to develop innovative new state of the art learning environments that serve students and faculty. Legacy network infrastructure and the lack of proper professional planning, often inhibits the ability to innovate easily and wisely. With the emergence of online learning, digital courses and technology innovation, schools are looking for guidance in defining, designing, delivering and managing these current initiatives.

Need for Support

Common Core State Standards, the requirements of online assessments and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives have changed the way schools view technology. Students and faculty typically own 3-4 technology devices and have high expectations for using them in school. In order to keep pace with the latest technological trends, schools have had to undergo massive improvements to their network infrastructure and have had to devise new methods of managing their environment.

Schools are quickly realizing the need for converged systems and cloud solutions. Student Information Systems (SIS), E-Textbooks, streaming video content and digital resource libraries are some of the reasons schools are re-evaluating their backup/recovery, storage and capacity, security, and wireless strategies.

The task of defining, designing, delivering and managing their IT initiatives/solutions has never been more important. Many schools attempt to do it themselves only to find out that they do not have the knowledge and skills to do so in a comprehensive fashion. Often times, a solution is deployed for a single problem which does not take into account the overall current and future needs of the school.

RetroFit Technologies’s experience in working with Independent and K-12 schools has been exemplary. Since 1994, we’ve been actively supporting schools throughout New England via all of the major technology statewide contracts, such as Massachusetts ITC47. We’re also a highly experienced resource for strategic and budgetary planning for ERATE funding within the state of Massachusetts.

RetroFit Technologies provides your school the IT tools it needs to create the following:

  • Engaged Students - using the best technology for each student, motivating and ensuring the success of individuals
  • Vibrant Learning Communities - giving the education community easier ways to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere
  • Effective Institutions - Securely delivering curricular to support student learning while protecting students and institutions