RetroFit Technologies manages your Healthcare IT

The healthcare industry has been revolutionized by technology. Now more than ever it is critical for healthcare providers to reduce costs while addressing stringent mandates such as HIPPA, HITECH, PCI and e-discovery. Long Term Care faces EMR initiatives, while the VNA and Behavior Health face Mobility challenges.

The process of defining, designing, delivering and managing your Healthcare IT solutions has never been more important. Many practices attempt to do it themselves only to find out that they do not have the knowledge and skills to do so in a comprehensive fashion. Often times a solution is deployed for a single problem which does not take into account the overall current and future needs of the Healthcare organization.

RetroFit Technologies’s experience in working with Healthcare has been exemplary. Since 1994, we’ve been actively supporting hospitals, community health centers, long term care facilities, and Commonwealth healthcare agencies such as EoHHS.

Optimize your Healthcare IT with Triple Aim Framework

The Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The framework was developed to optimize health system performance.

How does RetroFit Technologies, Inc. work with the Triple Aim Framework?

We help healthcare providers achieve the Triple Aim by enhancing their use of health IT. We define, design, deliver, and manage turnkey HIT solutions including mobility, cloud, security, and business continuity. With RetroFit Technologies managing your HIT, you’ll be able to focus on providing care without worrying about your technology needs.

Gain these benefits when you implement Triple AIM:

Improved patient care experience

  • Mobility Solutions allow for person-centered care using EMR; caseworkers and clinicians can access the information and applications they need at the point of care
  • We provide portable systems, wired and wireless networking

Improved health of populations

  • Obtain information directly from patients using EMR / POC software and analyze it
  • We provide EMR solutions, servers, storage; Big Data solutions

Reduced per capita costs of healthcare

  • Move some in-house applications to the Cloud; deploy new applications the same way. Outsource support of HIT to professionals to reduce cost and increase reliability
  • We provide Cloud Solutions, Managed Services