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Managed IT Services For Large & Growing Organizations In Boston & New England

Since 1983, RetroFit Technologies has been the outsourced IT services provider of choice for many of Boston and New England's top corporations and small businesses.

By partnering with RetroFit Technologies as your managed IT services company in Boston & New England, you gain immediate and direct access to many of the most intelligent minds in the New England information technology community.

With our expert assistance, you can eliminate the burden of information technology from your daily worry list. When you hire RetroFit Technologies, your technology challenges will disappear almost instantly.

Want to eliminate your information technology stress overnight? Take the first step by booking a no-obligation consultation with RetroFit Technologies.

Working With RetroFit As Your Boston & New England IT Services Team

Working with RetroFit Technologies as your trusted managed IT services company is simple as 1,2,3...4.

Many other Boston & New England IT service companies have very complex onboarding processes and systems — that’s not the case with RetroFit. When you join us as a managed IT services client, we get to work immediately and begin addressing your technology headaches and issues.

Our Managed Services Onboarding Process

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Internal Sales to Service Delivery

RetroFit meets internally to conduct a complete debrief with all your team members. Your Client Success Team is now in charge of all aspects of your relationship with RetroFit. Everything is reviewed in-depth, and a services plan is developed to meet your needs.


Client Kickoff Meeting

You are introduced to your RetroFit team. Service delivery plans and implementation strategies are reviewed as well, as timelines and expectations are set. Each client receives a welcome documentation package, and Information Request Forms are delivered to begin the knowledge transfer.


Onboarding Project Plan

The RetroFit Technologies Onsite Onboarding team visits and begins their work on assigned tasks. RetroFit Technologies tools and services are installed (monitoring agents, anti-virus, network, and security management) to ensure our team can seamlessly monitor and manage your environment.


Assured Ongoing Service Quality

Cadence calls are scheduled with the RetroFit client services team to ensure ongoing quality of service.

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How Does RetroFit Differ From Other Boston IT Service Companies?

Given how many different New England & Boston IT companies there are, RetroFit is often asked how we differ from the rest. In other words, why should you choose us as your IT partner?

RetroFit is a trustworthy Total Solutions Provider. Working with us gives you access to 24/7 in-house support, reliable proactive security solutions, network and firewall support, and more. We deliver all of this while assisting you in our role as your CTO.

Many other managed IT services companies in New England have not invested in their in-house team, choosing instead to outsource their help desk, network operations center, and other vital services — that’s not the case with RetroFit. We work with local IT engineers here in New England that respond quickly to deliver support when you need it.

In other words, nothing is outsourced! You wouldn’t want the security of your network being outsourced to an organization on the other side of the country, right?

While many managed IT services companies in Boston & New England have chosen to offload their network security, RetroFit has decided to keep your cybersecurity, threat protection, vulnerability assessments, and all the services we provide to you in-house here in New England.

RetroFit Technologies Partners With The Top Brands In The IT Community

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Datto Blue Diamond

Get Started With RetroFit Technologies As Your Trusted Managed IT Services Partner

RetroFit Technologies provides New England & Boston Managed IT Services for all of your unique IT needs, allowing you to focus on your organizational goals – instead of faulty IT.

Discover how RetroFit Technologies can help with all your IT support and management needs. We invite you to partner with us and experience the difference decades of IT experience can make.