Take the stress out of IT with our customized maintenance programs

RetroFit Technologies, Inc. offers customized maintenance programs at an affordable cost. For more than three decades, we’ve delivered fast, expert service on all major manufacturers’ computer equipment.

As one of New England’s largest and oldest maintenance organizations, RetroFit Technologies’s expertise is unmatched. Our highly trained technicians know how systems work – and why they don’t! They anticipate, prevent and resolve problems quickly. Best of all, our dedicated customer support strategy ensures that your assigned technical team knows the ins and outs of your environment.

RetroFit Technologies’s maintenance programs include these features:

  • Fixed-priced agreement including all parts and labor
  • Support for all major operating systems
  • Comprehensive hardware support
  • Response level options – next business day to noncritical or critical
  • Extended hours of coverage – 9×5 and 24×7
  • State-of-the-art call management center
  • Web-based call placement
  • Warranty uplift service
  • Onsite spare parts availability

Your business will also gain these benefits:

  • Cost-effective solutions provide savings over OEMs
  • Communication with a single point of contact
  • Highly trained engineers to anticipate, prevent and resolve problems quickly
  • Strong partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers to ensure that RetroFit Technologies is up to date with technology changes