RetroFit Technologies – Your Trusted Partner for Over 30 Years

At RetroFit Technologies, Inc., we understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in your specific industry. We are a leader in the fields of Commercial, Healthcare, Education and Government, with over 30 years of experience. Our knowledge, combined with a laser focus on the unique set of challenges and opportunities inherent to your industry, allows us to guide your business to new levels of success – for today and tomorrow.

Since 1983, we’ve been providing IT services and solutions to these industries:


We work with a diverse community of commercial businesses in industries ranging from Transportation and Manufacturing to Financial Services and Accounting to Biotechnology and Wholesale Distribution. RetroFit Technologies brings you best-in-class services and technology.


At RetroFit Technologies, we realize the demands that are placed on Person-Centered Care environments. We’re experts in helping to ensure that healthcare organizations and their IT infrastructures are compliant with requirements such as HIPAA, eDiscovery, PCI, and HiTECH/ARRA. We work with you to improve the quality and convenience of your patient care by helping you meet industry standards for secure patient information, including Electronic Health Records and the Health Information Exchange.


These are challenging times for K-12 schools. There is increasing pressure to cut costs and to develop innovative new state-of-the-art learning environments that serve students and faculty. Legacy network infrastructure and the lack of proper professional planning often inhibits the ability to innovate easily and wisely. With the emergence of online learning, digital courses and technology innovation, schools are looking for guidance in defining, designing, delivering and managing these current initiatives.


RetroFit Technologies has been delivering IT Services for 30 years and has once again been selected as an authorized vendor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ IT Procurement Contract ITC47. We are the only vendor who has been continuously awarded the major technology contracts for the Commonwealth since 1994. Our experience in working with state and local government, including schools, colleges, towns and municipalities, is exemplary.