Are You Sure You’ll Pass Your CMMC Audit?

Don’t go into your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Audit without the confidence that you’ll pass with flying colors. RetroFit Technologies will help – we have extensive experience helping contractors like you to maintain compliance with complex systems like DFARS and NIST. We will do the same for your upcoming CMMC audit.

The RetroFit Audit Support Strategy

The RetroFit team will help you manage your CMMC audit process from beginning to end, assisting you in identifying areas of concern, developing a strategy for compliance, implementing regulatory requirements as needed, and passing your audit with confidence.

There are 5 key steps in attaining your CMMC certification:

  1. Self-Assessment:

    You need to know where you stand. Have you evaluated how well you’re protecting FCI and CUI, in line with CMMC’s requirements? Do you know which of the FIVE levels of CMMC your business is needing to comply with?

  2. Pre-Audit Support:

    This is where RetroFit comes in. We’ll assess your current processes and determine where you may be vulnerable. We’ll provide you with a detailed assessment that pinpoints areas of concern that you’ll need to address prior to your audit.

  3. Remediation:

    Using the information gathered in our assessment, we’ll address any potential vulnerabilities and transition your organization to a fully CMMC compliant state.

  4. Audit:

    The next step is to hire a Certified Third-Party Audit Organization (C3PAO), providing them with the results of your self-assessment and the changes made with assistance from our team.

  5. Certification:

    Congratulations – you’re now CMMC certified.

If you’re unsure of how to comply with CMMC, don’t risk potential future business with the DoD – work with a skilled and knowledgeable partner like RetroFit.

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